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>>Heard there was a Groo tour before, with Sergio, Mark, Stan, and Tom.
>>Anyone caught the Groo tour?

Lia said:
>The image that comes to my poor warped mind is of Sergio, Mark, Stan and Tom
>dressed up as KISS going on-stage at a convention to rock the place. <g>

That's what they did!!!  (Just kidding.)

Supposedly, it was a signing tour or something like that (of comic book

One person who attended, received an advanced photocopy of a Magnor comic
book, signed by S, M, S, & T.  He also has three copies of Buzz and Bell
and two copies of Smokehouse Five.  All of these copies were signed by
Sergio w/sketches on the inside cover.  He also has a signed print of the
same picture as the CBLDF t-shirt.  I asked him if he buys/reads Groo comic
books.  He said "No."

See ya l8r.