Re: Groo's next home

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Eric Chun wrote:

> Well, I imagine it'll be Image if Image has a positive image instead of
> a negative image.  *8)  I think the Image series had the best paper
> so far.  The other pubs -could- have the same quality paper.  They just
> didn't (yet?).

	I always thought that the Pacific issues (most of them) had the 
best paper and printing.  I always love the feel and weight of the pages 
when I flip through them.  Plus, I don't really like those 'computer 
enhanced' color covers that Image does.  I mean, they're better than most 
of the Marvel ones, but I still prefer the older, 'hand-colored' style.  

> Ps. What's the prize?

	A fabulous weekend getaway, all expenses paid, at the new Groo
Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Invite whomever you like. Plus, hang out 
with Sergio and the gang!  Yup, just send an e-mail to Mark E. and tell 
him that BooK sent you.