Re: More thoughts on t-shirts

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Randall Allsup wrote:

> How much money could anybody possibly make selling
> Groo t-shirts?  We could estimate the cost of
> making the shirts at around $7.00 at the cheapest,
> then there's shipping. Multiple images (front and
> back, etc.) are very expensive. But, without even
> thinking about the COST, how many could we sell?
> If we had 100 t-shirts with a Groo pic on the
> front, could we sell them all? at $15.00?  Would
> that make any money?  Granted, everybody on this
> list would buy one. So that's 100 x (15-7)= $800. 
> Whoopee.  Sorry folks, but that won't even pay a
> months rent.

	You're right on that point.  BUT, I think we have to look at the
bigger picture.  Let's say there are 100 other artists of whom their fan
clubs run a similar run of T-shirts.  That is close to 100,000 dollars
that is made ( albeit by different people ) without the artists' 
consent.  Also, the 7 dollars that it costs to make the shirts in the 
first place goes into the pockets of the printer.  So, if you factor in 
all the people who make money off the shirt, you're easily close to 
200,000.  Then, consider all the other types of artists in music, movies, 
tv, etc. and you're looking at a million dollar economy for which the 
artists get no portion of.  So, although in the context of The Groop 
there isn't much to worry about, in the bigger picture there is more of a 
statement to be considered.  

	But if the artists agree to it, then I don't feel there is
anything to worry about.  Plus, no one on the Groop will make any money 
themselves because they will either be sold at cost, or the profits will 
be donated to Sergio's favorite charity. ... Right?  

But, I still prefer to wait.

aka Scribe.

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