Re: More thoughts on t-shirts

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Ruben J. Arellano wrote:

> 	But if the artists agree to it, then I don't feel there is
> anything to worry about.  Plus, no one on the Groop will make any money 
> themselves because they will either be sold at cost, or the profits will 
> be donated to Sergio's favorite charity. ... Right?  
> But, I still prefer to wait.

While Ruben is obviously a groopie of long standing, and I'm a newbie 
groobie, I'll give you my last 2 kopins worth on the shirt thing:

1) Some of us must be able to draw...alas, I cannot, but I hope one (or 
more) amongst us can. I think we all agreed that it would be presumptious 
to ask Mark and Sergio for now, and I'm not sure I like just scanning in 
some of their work even if we are getting nothing out of it other than 
our own enjoyment. SO: those who can draw, do some doodling and post 
these ideas in some manner that we can all see them.

2) We'll all vote on the best T-shirt design.

3) One (or more) of us checks with a place that can make it happen, and 
reports back how many kopins it will run per shirt. Obviously, the 
sagacious one who finds this out will have to check for a run of 5 shirts 
or 50 shirts or 500 shirts and be prepared to give us the different levels.

4) We run the design by Mark and Sergio for their okay.

5) We send our checks/money orders/wooden kopins to one of us who is 
coordinating with the T-shirt place UP FRONT so there's no questions 
later as to how it should be handled.

6) Questions? Comments? Sample groodles? (groo doodles)

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