Re: More thoughts on t-shirts


> 1) Some of us must be able to draw...alas, I cannot, but I hope one (or 
> more) amongst us can. I think we all agreed that it would be presumptious 
> to ask Mark and Sergio for now, and I'm not sure I like just scanning in 
> some of their work even if we are getting nothing out of it other than 
> our own enjoyment. SO: those who can draw, do some doodling and post 
> these ideas in some manner that we can all see them.

I am (sortof) able to draw. The main problem is: I don't draw at like
Sergio, and my poor groodles might no please the groop (and, when you're
not El Senior, it take time to do these!).

By the way, that might be the solution about the lack of Groo: hire a
groodler and force him to draw and ink and (whatever Mark does) and color
it, so that we get our monthly dose of grooism. (this idea being a grooism
all by itself, that should help us anyway)

> 4) We run the design by Mark and Sergio for their okay.

I wonder why they haven't call any mental health service yet for us?
(oh, I forgot: they do Groo)

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