Groodles, T-shirt, etc..

Hi gang,

OK, I admit I groodled a little while listening to the networks lesson...

So here I come with new ideas for the Groop T-shirt:

1) Most of what was proposed for our organization is good, esxcept for the
   participation of Mark and Sergio. OK.
2) We don't wan't just to scan one or two panel of Groo comics: we want
   our own T-shirt and design, right? So we will need someone to draw it
   so as it pleases everyone. (as it was said before, we can sacn panels
   and put them on a shirt on our own.. THIS is the GROOP T-shirt!)
3) Maybe on the back, we should have a list of "You know you are a groopie
   when..." (ten of them maybe... It's time to launch a YKYAAGW contest
   to select the best ten , which will be printed on the back of the
4) As soon as I can get the #@! scanner of my school to work, I'll send
   small B&W gifs of my first sketches to the list...
   The idea is to depict the typical groopie: reading Groo leaning on the
   ground or his/her bed, or running like hell with his/her woodswords
   and spotty dog yelling for cheese dip... or both

Maybe what a groopie does best is talking senseless about Groo and Groo

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 No matter who you may be, there is always someone who is a little worse
 because he thinks he is a little better.
                                     (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #3 (Epic))