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Oh, Groo is me (whine whine)

Hey folks:

	It's me again.  To recap my life in the past few weeks -- minor
surgery, 3+ weeks recovery; lost my job last week after only 7 months,
poor reason given by company; had to put my best-friend-dog of 16 years
of age down due to old age (the day after I got fired).  Needless to
say, it has been a rough few weeks.....   

	On the upside of this, since I won't be working during the days for a
while (except for finding a new job), I'll have time to work on the good
old Groopads (gee, remember those?!?).  I know you've heard it all
before, but maybe this time I'll come around for everyone.  The only
news I have right now is that placing orders with me will be easier for
everyone (thanks to my higher-limit Mastercard!) *when the time comes*.

	I haven't had a chance to read much of Fanboy or G&R #2 so far.... But
what I've seen looks great! (as per usual)

	Ruben's movie picks as of late: Mushima, Breakdown, The Negotiator,
Wilde, and A Civil Action (a decent translation of the book for once!).

All best,