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action figures

Mark Evanier wrote:
> ME: The answer to all these questions is that we'd love to do more
> Groo merchandise and toys and games and things like that.  The reason
> we haven't is simply that we haven't made contact with any company
> that could or would do such things.
> We had brief discussions about a year ago with a company that wanted
> to issue Groo action-figures.  I don't know why that didn't go forward
> but it didn't.  Maybe someday.

	Has anyone seen the Usagi Yojimbo action figures from Antarctic Press
Toys?  After all that I read that Stan was going to have lots of control
over how it came out, I am rather dissapointed with how it looks.  Maybe
I'm just too picky, but the face and colors (including Spot's) are wrong
enough for me to be disappointed.  I'm just afraid that if Sergio & Mark
attempted to put out a figure with high quality / accuracy / artistic
control in mind, it would suffer the same fate..... 
	Of course, the Spawn toys have seemed pretty true to the originals, so
perhaps it is just a matter of production with the Usagi's....

All best,