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Re: Turkish Groo & Groop FAQ

The Grossmanns wrote:

> The definition of "dessesbo" is "nnamssorg yarg",  !ees ylnialp nac loof
> yna sa
> In fact, when you combine that with the lack of detail and no color, a good
> analogy between looking at the regular comic and looking at the Turkish
> version would be  watching a movie like Spartacus or Ben Hur on a
> CinemaScope Screen in a theater, and then going home and watching it on an
> old black and white TV from the 50's with bad reception.  But I don't care,
> it's still cool to have tracked a couple down!   Take care all -Gary G.

Actually, the definition of "dessesbo" is watching Spartacus or Ben Hur
on an old black and white TV from the 50s with bad reception AND then
even emailing all your friends to tell them!! ;) Congrats on the 50s b&w
tv, Gary.