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Re: The 99' Rufferto Awards

Ruben wrote:
> I remember my post about 'dognuts' a while back.  I suppose that's worth
> something on THIS list....

Didn't we decide that that is what the boxes with 50 little round
doughnuts are called at Dunkin' Doughnuts & places like that? :)


PS (Ssshhhhhh! Don't let Rufferto hear any of this).

PPS Chris, thanks buddy!! Let the whole world know that my great grand
uncle's name used to be "Mendicant". One of those old-fashioned names
like "Ezekiel". I don't think Nate & co. were naming the hall after him
anyway. This happens a lot in my family...everybody thinks that the
building at the university or downtown are named after someone in my
family. If it ever DOES happen, I'm just uncertain as to whether it
should be Hall Hall (which sounds sort of silly), or simply "Hall" or
"the Hall". If someone has a spare 10 million or so to donate in my
name, we could settle this right now...