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Re: Oh, Groo is me (whine whine)

>	It's me again.  To recap my life in the past few weeks -- minor
>surgery, 3+ weeks recovery; lost my job last week after only 7 months,
>poor reason given by company; had to put my best-friend-dog of 16 years
>of age down due to old age (the day after I got fired).  Needless to
>say, it has been a rough few weeks.....   

~~~~ I sugest we all send Rube somehting to cheer him up.  He likes 
Mushrooms and Japanese Cuisine.  (BTW Rube, I found an excellent 
Japanese rest. last weekend.  Very traditional.  The kind of place where 
if you've never eaten Japanese before, you'd be lost with the menu, 
types of serving bowls etc.)

>	On the upside of this, since I won't be working during the days for a
>while (except for finding a new job),

~~~~ Moral:  If you really want to get things done, don't work.

~Nate P.~ Sorry about all the posts today folks... but at least they're 
not duplicates, except for the fact that they all related to Groo in one 
form or another... hey wait a minute...

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