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Re: Nerds?

It really wouldn't bother me to be a Groo-nerd, as I'm already a hippy
chick, one-horned rabbit, honoraray rodent, cannabilistic squirrel eater.

My Groo moment of the week (or...This can only happen to Tracy):

Monday morning, already I'm running late. So there I am driving my Bronco
(car not horse, horses have been slain long ago) to work...all of a sudden
WUP!!!!!!! S_ _ T!! I think! I've got a blow-out. I hit the brake, and the
car starts flying all over the road...into oncoming traffic, etc., etc., I
finally manage to make a stop, when I see, of all things, my right rear
wheel still driving down the road without me (yes, the ENTIRE wheel,
hubcap and all). Somebody need to tell Groo that my car is NOT  a
ship...It's more like a horse drawn wagon.

Your pal and mine,

Unirabbit, Bold Slayer of Defenseless Horses

Finn Smith wrote:

> The other day at work I spent a portion of my lunch break reading
> messages from the Groop (A fine, fine use of my lunch break . . ) when
> a pack of coworkers ambled up, looked over my shoulder and proceeded
> to jeer and  ridicule me.
> They called me, (gulp) "A Groo Nerd."
> I've always thought of myself as a fan of Groo, not a Geek of Groo.
> My fellows, are we nerds?
> Just in case anyone is wondering what became of these non-Groo liking
> blackguards, Finn did what Finn does best and now Finn lunches in
> peace.
> Sir lurks-a-lot Smi
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