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Re: Mulching and HTML

> "Borje F. F. Karlsson" wrote:
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> My email composer has (since updating to Netscape communicator 4.5) been
> asking me how I want to send my mail.  Not all the time; but I could be
> sending to the groop and it will ask me if I want to send html or text or
> both.  It says that all recipients are not listed as being able to read
> html mail.  Then it goes on to tell me that if I send in both I will be
> using up unecessary bandwidth.  Then next time it doesn't bother to ask.
> Is html mail a problem for groopers?  Do I send in text, in html. both??
> Should I place the program in Mendicant's Hall and allow the stuffing to be
> beat out of it?  I can't handle all these decisions!
>        re duplicate messages:  That is how the new list works now.  If you
> just hit "reply" the message used to go to the groop.  Now it only goes to
> the original sender so you have to hit "reply all" to send to the groop but
> it will send an additional message to the poster of the original message.
> Sometimes I forget and don't go up and erase that. What bothers me more is
> the posts that I get, with a page of  old headers included with the
> original message.  (still not a big deal but poor netiquette)
> Bunny

Not only that but I did it again with this message.  Up in the "to" area I saw
that it was addressed to groop@groo.com and groo-l@newdream.net.  I erased one
of them but failed to notice the scroll bar and was unaware that it was also
addressed to four other people.  So I had to dig it out of my unsent messages
box, copy it,  and try again. So this is why it looks funny.