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Re: Fwd: RE: CST293187ID - Hotmail Speed

>This letter is to inform you that the problem that you have described 
>the Technical Support Staff has been confirmed and is currently under
>evaluation.  We understand the importance of this issue and are doing
>everything within our means to rectify the situation.  We apologize for
>any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank you for your 

~~~~ My word!  It was so nice of them to send you such a sincere and 
concerned *form letter* like that.   There's only one reason why I stick 
with hotmail... 1) I have many e-mail accounts, AKF Comics, Planet 10, 
and a few others,  B)  I send out "group" e-mail updates to the readers 
of TWE, and Hotmail is the only one that lets me send mail that way 
without limit on recipients of rules about sending "group" mail to 
internal recipients.    T) It lets you send fairly large attachments 
(for a free service) and finally  8)  I'm just used to using it.  

(Like Groo, math was never my strong suit. -- my strong suit would be my 
black one with the grey pinstripes.)

~Nate P.~ Mr. Pinstripe suit

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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