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RE: Please accept this with my compliments!!

As any fool can plainly see, Europe has already gone for this. 
The European parliament changed the original idea floated by the European
commissioners to call the new currency the 'Kopin', to the Euro. But now
(apart from the UK) Groo would be able to wander across Europe, with his
empty bag of kopins, without having to ask how to earn anything but Kopins.
And if you don't believe this, when they issue the currency, each note will
have a 'Hidden message'

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Well the official exchange rate was set to all the Kopins out there to $1
USD, so unless the exchange rate has shifted dramatically over the last few
years that's one pile of kopins.

In order that the American economy doesn't suffer at the rate of inflation
necessary to float the kopin to the point that Groopers can pay for their
Mulching fees, I reccomend that Sergio draws a 4 part mini-series of Kopins
to help the exchange rate settle down. That's it - just Kopins, nothing
else, panels and panels of Kopins !

Greg - unqualified in economies as any fool can plainly see - Craill.

>Uh oh ...  I think you owe M.E. a dime or something
>like that ...