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Re: Get it while the getting's good ...

>> Hmm ...  The mailing list is quiet today.  Everyone
>> must be busy getting their ducks in a row ...
>I somehow came up with a theory that everybody collect their 1 week
>postings , then post it in a day.  That's why on certain days, the list
>is quiet and on some days, there are many postings.

~~~~ Unless you're me.  Then you post a week's worth of posts every day.  
; )  (but I'm being good today... just one... so far... heh heh heh.)  
And besides, the weekend is coming.  Most of the old timers don't post  
then. Lately, the newbies have been posting more on Sat & Sun.   You 
know, we gotta come up with a name for people like me.  (no snide 
comments...  I meant, people in the middle.  Or am I an old timer yet?  
Where's Groo when you need to do some simple math...)

~Nate P.

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