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Re: Sergiography

schechner & associates wrote:
> Here's one for Ruben (and anyone else who's interested):
> I saw a Batlash comic from 1968 at my local comic store (from a private
> collection, not for sale) that was written but not drawn by Sergio. Keith,
> the owner, said that somebody had loaned him "a bunch" of them. I checked
> my copy of the Sergiography and didn't find any of them listed there.
> Ruben, do you include  stuff Sergio wrote, but didn't draw? This might be
> worth checking on. I'm sure I could get more info from Keith (or go
> straight to the writer via M.E.)

	I do beleive that Batlash is listed in the Sergiography somewhere. 
Perhaps as a reprint.  yes, I do include stuff that Sergio wrote, but
didn't illustrate. So, if you could get a list of issues, dates,
contributions, etc. that your collector friend has, that would be
great.  Thanks!