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Re: Drawing vs.Writing

Ok, I'll try my hand at answering this interesting question.  

Like Nate, I beleive he both draws & writes is cartoons.  BUT, it
depends on which phase of the comic book he is at.  

He first talks to Mark and they both come up with an idea for a story
line (usually).  Then, Sergio does REALLY loose layouts and pencils for
each panel. They are REALLY loose.  Usually just some circles with a
gourd for Groo's head and a line for a sword. A background scene is just
a couple of little circles.  Perhaps a couple of words of direction or
explanation.  Then, Sergio just draws away through each panel.  His
thoughts flow straight through his hand and onto the paper with
seemingly little effort.  He starts at one edge of a panel and continues
drawing to the other side.  He's been doing it for so long that he
doesn't really have to layout or sketch out the scene, it just comes
naturally.  It is really quite remarkable.  It seems like he just thinks
"happy dog" and a smiling Mulch or Rufferto appear.  

At least that's what my impression of the Great Sergio Process is....

All best,