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Re: Once a year...

At 10:25 AM 2/13/99 +1100, Dieter Opfer wrote:
>Here, here. What he said.
>BTW, Mark still accepts comics for signing by Sergio and himself if
>by return postage. (You do still do that don't you Mark?).

That's it!!! Autographs should be to a persons name!!!! In fact every
autograph I have will have my name on there somewhere!!! So this way a
comic with 'SAM' on it will not want to be purchased by 'JAMES'... this is

Autographs should be worth postage!!!!! If only society could go back to
the barter & trade system!!!!

(I'm sorry... I got carried away with words... I should go back to lurking...)

Shane Clarke
Dr. Clarke - a.k.a. SAC
"Can you back your smack?"
If so check it out?
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