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Misc. Schtuff & Ramblings

Hi Folks!

I thought after my little double post stunt with That Guy Daniel, I better
lay low for a few days, but here are my (thankfully) consolidated comments
on some recent postings:

Re:  Ludicrous prices for stuff Sergio signs for free and gives away:  I
agree with Shane.  

Re:  Nerds, past mobilization, conquering, etc., and whether we won:

We are not Nerds!  We are....oops, excuse me, my black plastic rimmed
glasses that are taped together at the nose bridge just slipped off and
when I bent down to pick them up, everything fell out of my pocket
protecter, including my tri-color pen that got tangled in my slide-rule tie
clip!  Jeepers!   Now where was I? Oh, yeah, We are not Nerds!   

Of course we won!  To the best of my knowledge, Kevin is still commanding
our fleet of underwater aircraft carriers, Nate is still keeping Rhode
Island in line with his sword and his Lizard, and Demon Squirrel still
commands all rodents on the planet.  Did we surrender?  No.    Is Groo
still being published and available thoughout all parts of the world worth
knowing about?  Yes.  Except maybe wherever Willie lives and parts of
Florida.  Has Ken Starr subpoenaed me?  No!  See, we won!  

Re:  Writing v. Drawing     With respect to Sergio, I think the most
accurate way to put it is that his drawing IS writing. You can't separate
the two and say one comes before the other.   Half (at least) of what he's
done the past 40 years are pantomime jokes, for crying out loud!  Once when
we were talking and I mentioned how much I have heard him quoted on the
need to practice to be a good artist he replied : "Yes, but that's only
half of it.  You also have to have something to say."  See?  Direct from
the Master's lips.  Case closed.  

Re:  "Groo in the Media"  Sounds more like "Mulch in the Media"  
Unfortunately, all references to Mulch cannot be traced back to Mark and
Groo Grams.  Mulch is just one of those things that is funny all by itself.
 I once saw a line about comedy in a movie that can probably be traced back
to vaudeville that went something like this:  "Roast beef is not funny. 
But chopped liver, now that's funny!"  Mulch is like chopped liver.   

Re  Ruben's Groo-some troubles:    Ack!  Ruben You've been Grooed!  But
take heart!  You've still got your wonderful wife and you've got us!  Hmmm.
 Well, OK, but you do have your wonderful wife.  And by gosh you'll always
have dognuts!   Not everybody can say that you know!  And any man with
dognuts is gonna be a happy guy no matter what happens to him!! 

Well, I guess that's it.  Except maybe to say that my wife & I went to Reno
for the first time and we took the five cent and quarter machines for a
cool $10 net.  (I kept thinking of 2 Groo issues; the one about gambling
and the one about the re-sinkable pirate ship based on that Vegas 
display).  Also, if Groo-Fest 2000 doesn't work out, we should all go to
Florida for a massive Cheese Dip/Fondu Party at UniRabbit's place!   

Take care all  -Gary G.