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Re: Misc. Schtuff & Ramblings

Hi guys/grrls!

Gary wrote:
>We are not Nerds!  We are....oops, excuse me, my black plastic rimmed
>glasses that are taped together at the nose bridge just slipped off and
>when I bent down to pick them up, everything fell out of my pocket
>protecter, including my tri-color pen that got tangled in my slide-rule 
>clip!  Jeepers!

Yeah.  I hate it when that happens to me, too.

>Re:  Writing v. Drawing     With respect to Sergio, I think the most
>accurate way to put it is that his drawing IS writing. You can't 
>the two and say one comes before the other.   Half (at least) of what 
>done the past 40 years are pantomime jokes, for crying out loud!  Once 
>we were talking and I mentioned how much I have heard him quoted on the
>need to practice to be a good artist he replied : "Yes, but that's only
>half of it.  You also have to have something to say."  See?  Direct 
>the Master's lips.  Case closed.  

He was a mime.  The picture is the words (or writing).

>Re:  "Groo in the Media"  Sounds more like "Mulch in the Media"  
>Unfortunately, all references to Mulch cannot be traced back to Mark 
>Groo Grams.  Mulch is just one of those things that is funny all by 
> I once saw a line about comedy in a movie that can probably be traced 
>to vaudeville that went something like this:  "Roast beef is not funny. 
>But chopped liver, now that's funny!"  Mulch is like chopped liver.   

Oh no ...  You used the word "mulch"!  I think you might perhaps
just maybe owe M.E. a dime or something like that.  *Gasp*  I
accidently typed "mulch" too.  I hate it when that happens.

See you.


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