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Re: Fleeb

>	Yeah, you might want to check out "The Whole Enchilada" from AKF
>Comics.  Check out their website at www.akfcomics.com, Uh, I mean
>It's cool!

~~~~ I swear I didn't plug myself this time guys... it was Ruben.. REALLY!
(Thanks Rube.)  And no, I didn't reply to this message just so the link
would get distributed to the Groop again... >; )  Ok, I did.

~Nate P.~ If it helps, I snuck a drawing of Groo in Issue 1 of TWE.  And
the upcoming TWE 6 will have a picture of me at my desk... where a groo
action figure can be seen on the monitor.  (I can dream can't I?)  

Nate Piekos       natepiekos@earthlink.net

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