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Re: Get it while the getting's good ...

>Well, we've got newbies, we've got old timers...what about middle-aged?
>Nate, I'll  bet you never thought you'd be called that at this point in
>your life, huh?
>Chris (Middle-aged on the list and in life as well)

~~~~ You know Chris, I'm only 23, but I often wonder if I'm not 40+.  I've
gone from a lead guitar player in my college days... to a computer jockey
graphic designer in my early 20's.  To top it all off, I've got that Bruce
Willis "fade" type of balding starting.  I think tonight I'll soak my
dentures in cheese dip.

~Nate P.~
Nate Piekos       natepiekos@earthlink.net

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