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Re: Get it while the getting's good ...

> >Well, we've got newbies, we've got old timers...what about middle-aged?
> >Nate, I'll  bet you never thought you'd be called that at this point in
> >your life, huh?
> >Chris (Middle-aged on the list and in life as well)
> ~~~~ You know Chris, I'm only 23, but I often wonder if I'm not 40+. 
> gone from a lead guitar player in my college days... to a computer jockey
> graphic designer in my early 20's.  To top it all off, I've got that
> Willis "fade" type of balding starting.  I think tonight I'll soak my
> dentures in cheese dip.

23!?!  Gak!  You're a baby!   But both you and Chris have been around long
enough to be considered "Old-Timers" on the Groo List.  I guess Ruben is
the Oldest Timer.  In "real life", Middle Age is when you can still do
everything you could do when you were young, it just takes you 10 days to
recover instead of 10 minutes.  Old Age is when you're smart enough not to
try.  -Gary "That's why I'll never be old (I'll just spend a lot of time
recovering)" Grossmann