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Unidentified subject!

Hi guys/grrls!

I wuz at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco
today for Mark Cohen's book signing ("A Gallery
of Rougues: Cartoonists' Self-Caricatures") --
nice book.

There was a lady there that I thought I saw be-
fore, but just couldn't remember who she was.
Anyway, Mark Cohen was trying to get his wife
to sign my copy of the book, when someone pops
up behind us and says, "Be careful of this guy --
he's not a good guy!" (meaning me)!  It was
Sergio!  I think he was in San Francisco to
attend the Fog City Fest (the night before --
Friday night).  Anyway, we both muttered "It's
good to see you." at the same time, and he
signed my book and drew a quick sketch also.
Yep, he he's featured on
Page 76.  There a sketch with of him with Buzz
& Bell, Magnor, Smokehouse 5, Alfred E. Neuman,
and *Groo* & Rufferto.  (So yoo know hoo has
to buy yoo know what.)  I asked Mark if he
would be selling his book through the mail.
He said he wouldn't, but Ohio State University
would be selling it.  The Cartoon Art Museum
also has some copies left, if you are inter-
ested.  Their phone number is: 415 227-8666
Oh yeah ... it costs $25.

Oh yeah, after seeing Sergio, I finally
figured out who the mystery lady wuz -- it
was Chakaal!  Uh, I mean, it was Charlene
(Sergio's wife)!

See you.


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