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mail/email ordering comics

>From time to time some folks ask where they can get hard to find issues
of Groo, or just that 1 or 2 issues they need to complete their set. A
few of us have recommended places -- in fact, we probably should include
3 or 4 places we've had success with in the Groop FAQ, if & when that
happens. Anyway, I've recommended the shop I go to (That's
Entertainment) a number of times to various people, and they've had
great experiences with them (which is why I kept recommending them). :)

However, they've gotten into ebay lately, and whether it's that or other
things, they aren't getting back to people via email very quickly, or
sometimes at all. I asked them about this, and they said they're just
swamped and trying to work out a system. My apologies to the 3 or 4
people trying to deal with them these last few weeks. I'll be happy to
do things by hand myself to make sure you guys get what you want.
They've always been a good shop, I'll try to let folks know when they
have their bugs worked out. In the meantime, those of you who are
dealing/have dealt with them can either 1) be extra patient (maybe cook
up some cheese dip); 2) deal with me (I don't take credit cards though)
:(  or 3) check out some of the places a couple other groopers have
recommended -- it doesn't hurt to have a few sources anyway.

Adios for now.