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Lead on Groo stuff: Comic book store in Edmonton, Canada

Last year I had completed all but Pacific #3 & #4 and had looked
"everywhere" to complete the set. I "met" Ruben in September and he
suggested eBay and a few weeks later had completed my set. Thanks again
Ruben for the tip (I'm now an eBay junkie). 

In the meantime I had left a "search" order at my comic book store. I
hadn't heard anything from them until this weekend! Apparently some guy
sold his collection to them and it included these two issues. I didn't ask
but I'm sure there are a pile of other Groo goodies.

If anyone is interested, the name of the store is:

Warp 1 Comics, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 780-433-7119

~Vaughn Seward

>>From time to time some folks ask where they can get hard to find issues
>>of Groo, or just that 1 or 2 issues they need to complete their set....
>>Anyway, I've recommended the shop I go to (That's
>>Entertainment) a number of times to various people...

>In the meantime, those of you who are
>dealing/have dealt with them can either 1) be extra patient (maybe cook
>up some cheese dip); 2) deal with me (I don't take credit cards though)
>:(  or 3) check out some of the places a couple other groopers have
>recommended -- it doesn't hurt to have a few sources anyway.