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Re: Once a year...

>	Oh sure... Only because you have TWO of them. :-}}

Well... I do indeed buy 2 of every toy. 

Here's the reason: Originally, much younger, I loved toys... I enjoyed
'tacking' them to the wall, depsite my mother yelling at me about all the
holes I put in the wall. I also liked taking them apart and playing with
them. So, as you can see, I was stuck!!!

Now, being older, and having more money I buy 2 of each... one to play with
and pose in really dramatic, yet obviously wrong scenes (every see Usagi
Yojimbo fighting the Rancor Monster with Ghost and Martha
Washington?!?!?!). And the second toy is traditinally tacked onto my wall
to form a whole colage (spelling?) of toys.. it looks really impressive...
It's my get away from reality... MY ROOM!!!!

Shane Clarke
Dr. Clarke - a.k.a. SAC
"Can you back your smack?"
If so check it out?
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