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Re: Once a year...

Shane Clarke wrote:

> I'll keep it simple.... I can't believe that some one is trying a sell a
> Dark Horse Signing Card from San Diego Comic Con, autographed, for $30.00.
> Not saying that Mark and Sergios beautiful autograph is not worth it, but
> it still saddens me to see this practice...

	He had originally posted it for $49.99!

> Yet!!!!! I'm at a conflict, because what about those people who would never
> be able to meet the two greats and obtain their valued penmanship all over
> their Groo Comic Book.... don't they deserve the ability to 'purchase' said
> signature....

	Yeah, that's the power of auctions.  If they want it, and they'll fight
for it, then who's to stop them?  Personally, I've sold several signed
issues of Usagi & Groo with NO additional charge for the signature /

> P.S.  - and yes I do open up all my
> 'super-limited-silver-glow-in-the-dark-varient-1-out-of-100' toys and I do
> indeed scratch them up and play with them!!!

	Oh sure... Only because you have TWO of them. :-}}

All best,