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Re: Once a year...

>	The sad thing is that I've seen personalized sketches get sold on ebay
>too.  If the sketch is a few years old, the collectors don't care who
>it's made out to.  I'm not sure even I could resist bidding on a
>personalized (To Al,...) color sketch of Groo from 1983 or 

~~~~ Speaking of Ebay... someone please go buy my stuff.  I've got 4 
thor issues all signed by Simonson (bought them by accident, so I don't 
mind selling them)  and Giant Sized Xmen #1 for a ridiculously low 
price... (you'll know they're mine because they're being sold under the 
e-mail: praetorianguard@hotmail.com  (Sorry squirrel, I needed the $$$, 
go bid!) ; )

~Nate P.~ At least I wasn't plugging TWE.

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