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Re: DNAgents...

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999 16:36:12 -0800, "The Grossmanns"
<grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:

>It also should be noted that between July of 1984, and August of 1986,
>There were quite a few months where a DNAgents, Crossfire, and one of the
>related mini-Series all came out during the same month.  Also, Mark was
>working on Groo.  Also, he was doing lord knows what all else in cartoons
>and such.  When did you sleep, Mark?  -Gary G.      

ME: There were a few months there where I was doing GROO, DNAgents,
CROSSFIRE and the related comics...plus, I was writing and
story-editing the RICHIE RICH cartoon show...plus, I was writing a
variety show for Dick Clark called THE HALF-HOUR COMEDY HOUR (which
featured animations to Sergio)...and, somewhere in there, I wrote the
pilot for the DUNGEONS N' DRAGONS cartoon show and an episode or
two...the pilot for a cartoon show called THE LITTLES...a pilot for a
cartoon show that didn't sell...and I also wrote a TARZAN graphic
novel for Europe.

When did I sleep?  During most of it.

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