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(ME) Dungeons & Dragons

>featured animations to Sergio)...and, somewhere in there, I wrote the
>pilot for the DUNGEONS N' DRAGONS cartoon show and an 

~~~~ Just curious Mark, you did the pilot of the D&D.  A couple of 
questions.  (BTW, I used to love that show) 

 How much research did you do into D&D and AD&D as source info?

Were there big problems with the network due to the supposed "D&D 
related suicides" etc.  Not to mention that a lot of the content of the 
role playing game dealt with the occult etc. ?  (If indeed you did have 
to tiptoe around that stuff, you did a good job, it got me interested in 
fantasy enough to become a voracious reader, without feeling patronized 
by the lack of serious occult reference in the show.  -- in other words, 
after I had played AD&D, I didn't feel that the cartoon was watered down 

I ask because I've always been a big supporter of AD&D and it's ability 
to expand a child's imagination and problem solving skills.  When played 
right, (ie. more in depth mystery/problem solving than hack and slash 
killing)  RPGs are a great tool for kids.  The whole suicide uproar  was 
a farce in my opinion.  A few disturbed kids play D&D and take it too 
seriously and it ends up fueling an already diseased mind... anyway... 

thanks for being part of a show that made me want to go out and learn 
more about fantasy... which led to learning about history, writing, and 
a ton of other things including improving my art skills. 

~Nate P.~ 

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