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Re: (ME) Dungeons & Dragons

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:16:02 PST, "Nate Piekos"
<natepiekos@hotmail.com> wrote:

>~~~~ Perhaps I'm not familiar with the way these things are done.  It 
>was Dennis Marks job to come up with characters etc.  hand it off to you 
>and your job was to incorporate a plot and dialogue?  So the research 
>etc. was done, you had to develop inter character relationships, plot 
>devices etc?  

ME: Basically, Dennis created the show and wrote what's called a bible
(a series overview, breakdown of characters and such) and he was going
to write the pilot script...but CBS was unhappy with his work so I was
called in to take over.  I changed around a lot of what he did,
redefined a lot of the characters, wrote a new bible and then wrote
the pilot.

The way the official credits read on the show, it says, "Created by
Dennis Marks, Developed for television by Mark Evanier."
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