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"Evil" D & D (off Topic)

Hi Folks!  

I agree with Nate!

As a guy who sends his kids to a parochial school through the 8th grade and
attends church regularly, some of my friends have been shocked, SHOCKED! I
say, to find out that I have played D&D, taught it to my kids, and think it
is a great game for all the reasons Nate mentioned.  (They are also
shocked, SHOCKED I say, that I read Conan books and have been known to
frequent comic book shops. [Gasp!])  

D&D is no more evil than Go Fish. [It's not AS evil as Monopoly, which
teaches you to ruthlessly bankrupt your opponent.)  I have had numerous
debates (all of which I won either outright or by default) with people on
this issue.   I could make an evil game out of Shoots and Ladders if I put
my mind to it.  It's never the game that is evil.  It's the people who play
it that have the potential to get weird.  That's not the game's fault.  D&D
can be a wonderful, funny, imagination expanding game, and just a whole lot
of fun!

btw, My favorite Mark-written cartoon is "Arnold of the Ducks"

Take care all -Gary G.  

PS  I think Tinky-Winky is a sanctamonious hypocrite with pedifilac
tendencies who spends entirely too much time looking for sexual messages in
Kiddie shows  and Jerry Falwell is a tool of the militant gay community! 
Uh...Wait a minute.  I could have that backwards.