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Snorkleberry Fleemhouse

I-had-a-great-time-but-am-glad-I'm-finally-home Business:

I just got back from England, but since I was too busy touristing to visit a
comic shop I'll refrain from discussing my non-Groo-relevant trip.  

A few points (Which, rather than being etherial mathematical concepts of zero-
dimensional spaces, are in truth non-groo-relevant lines of useless drivel.):

How come if I stay at home nobody sends a single email too the groop, but let
me go away for the weekend and I get 80 messages piled up?  Are you guys
trying to make sure I stay home for an extra day, just so I can read all my

I prefer the term 'Groopers' to 'Groopies', but I could be lying, as my last
request to the Groop seriously backfired (i.e. double-emails).

Why do people thank other people for stuff in advance?  Is it a ploy to guilt
others into doing things, like "Thank You for Not Smoking" signs?

Interestingly enough,  my brother bought some comics to read on the plane
ride, and one of them was the "House of Mystery" Sergio did the intro for.

I'll explain subject line of this email for anybody who is wondering:
I wrote an email about a week back, and I was too lazy/tired/lazy to think up
a subject line synopsizing its true subject, so I just entered 'Fleeb'.
Because people are lazy/tired/lazy like myself, they simply hit the 'reply'
button on groop emails, instead of  composing new messages, so all week I've
been getting emails with the subject line "Re: Fleeb".  That made me laugh, so
I'm doing it again.  Remember:  I'm counting on all of your laziness.  Don't
let me down.

I bet you though you were going to get away with a relatively short TGD email
before that last paragraph, didn't you (especially since I said I wouldn't
discuss my trip) ?

Ha. Ha. 

-That Guy Daniel		

P.S. Just because I said I wouldn't discuss my trip on the groop doesn't mean
I can't send the entire 600 minute slideshow individually to your mail
addresses and have it run continuously for 4 days.  I'll start with ME.							

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?