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Re: Groo Trading Card Xchange

Mark Evanier wrote:
> The Great Groo Trading Card Exchange is turning out to be an amazing
> success...especially given the fact that I'm running it.  I am
> knee-deep in Groo cards that folks have sent in and we've completed
> more than 50 sets for GROO readers so far.  So if you haven't availed
> yourself of this service, there will never be a better time.

I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but I just have to say it:
Can ANYONE on this list think of another character or group/groop of
fans that have this sort of support??? Mark is an INCREDIBLY busy
person, as we all know very well (I was going to say as any fool can
plainly see, but I'm TRYing to be serious!), and yet he takes time out
of his schedule to help fans complete their card sets with no real
return for him. Not to mention all the news, info, & other stuff he
shares with us here.

And the number of times Groopers have sent stuff to each other - as a
surprise, for a silly contest, to cheer a Grooper up, to help someone
get something they had trouble finding - just goes to show what a VERY
neat bunch of people these are!! With all the White House goofiness, D&D
scaremongers, tinky-winkies & Falwells out there, it's nice to know that
there are some folks here that just take time to help e/o from time to
time. I don't mean to wax so philosophical, but the world out there is
just plain nuts & a little disillusioning at times. It's nice to hang
out with you cuckoos!!

Kevin "feeling warm & tingly" Hall (no it's not male menopause!)
vice-president in charge of snacks for the Schechner Fan Club