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Rufferto awards revisited

I REALLY liked Nate's idea of the Groop having the Rufferto awards,
although I disagreed slightly with how to implement them. Rather than
see them drop, I'd like to make the following suggestion: why not have
the Groop Awards, which will include as Nate mentioned all sorts of
categories for wackiest this or that, etc., but only have ONE Groop
Rufferto award every year?

If people are ok with this, I think we ought to have April 1st (of
course) be the day the awards are handed out each year. All voting to be
done by Mar 15. I think 2 awards that could be awarded every year would
be the Groop "Groo" award for doing (or Grooing) the most Groosome thing
that year. We've all heard some good stories... And I think the second
award should be the Rufferto. This would be for helping the cause of
Groo &/or the Groop, as Rufferto is wont to do. If everybody (especially
Nate) is ok with this, I'll even be willing to count votes for this
first year.

Kevin "I really need to get back to work here!" Hall