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RE: Groo Trading Card Xchange

> And the number of times Groopers have sent stuff to each other - as a
> surprise, for a silly contest, to cheer a Grooper up, to help someone
> get something they had trouble finding - just goes to show what a VERY
> neat bunch of people these are!! With all the White House goofiness, D&D
> scaremongers, tinky-winkies & Falwells out there, it's nice to know that
> there are some folks here that just take time to help e/o from time to
> time. I don't mean to wax so philosophical, but the world out there is
> just plain nuts & a little disillusioning at times. It's nice to hang
> out with you cuckoos!!
> Kevin "feeling warm & tingly" Hall (no it's not male menopause!)
> vice-president in charge of snacks for the Schechner Fan Club
	I know what you mean.  Aside from being part of this group, I'm also
a big fan of the Transformers (the big "robots in Disguise" toys from the
80's).  I'm part of a newsgroup devoted to them and you wouldn't believe the
amount of flame wars and strife that develop among a group of people devoted
to toys!  I was a little hesitant with the Groop, thinking  maybe the same
thing would happen.  Thankfully, you're all a bunch of nice people who don't
take things too seriously.  After all, this is for fun!  Something some
other people should learn...

	coming soon "Mulching in tagalog!"