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Hi guys/grrls!

Gary wrote:
>I have played D&D, taught it to my kids, and think it is a
>great game for all the reasons Nate mentioned.

*Gasp*  I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I say ...  I thought it wuz
supposed to be an evil game 'cause it includes occult
references (or something like that), and as a result, makes
young (or not so young) impressionable minds curious
about the occult, then they find out more and more about
occult stuff 'til they're sucked in and on the descent to the
dark side (or something like that)!!!

>I read Conan books and have been known to frequent
>comic book shops.

* Gasp *  I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I say ...  Comic books
are for kids!!!

See you.


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