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Re: Groo Trading Card Xchange

I agree with Kevin!  -Gary (sniff) G.  

> From: Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@ummed.edu>
> To: Groop <groop@groo.com>
> Subject: Re: Groo Trading Card Xchange
> Date: Tuesday, February 16, 1999 2:46 PM
> Mark Evanier wrote:
> > The Great Groo Trading Card Exchange is turning out to be an amazing
> > success...especially given the fact that I'm running it.  I am
> > knee-deep in Groo cards that folks have sent in and we've completed
> > more than 50 sets for GROO readers so far.  So if you haven't availed
> > yourself of this service, there will never be a better time.
> I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but I just have to say it:
> Can ANYONE on this list think of another character or group/groop of
> fans that have this sort of support??? Mark is an INCREDIBLY busy
> person, as we all know very well (I was going to say as any fool can
> plainly see, but I'm TRYing to be serious!), and yet he takes time out
> of his schedule to help fans complete their card sets with no real
> return for him. Not to mention all the news, info, & other stuff he
> shares with us here.
> And the number of times Groopers have sent stuff to each other - as a
> surprise, for a silly contest, to cheer a Grooper up, to help someone
> get something they had trouble finding - just goes to show what a VERY
> neat bunch of people these are!! With all the White House goofiness, D&D
> scaremongers, tinky-winkies & Falwells out there, it's nice to know that
> there are some folks here that just take time to help e/o from time to
> time. I don't mean to wax so philosophical, but the world out there is
> just plain nuts & a little disillusioning at times. It's nice to hang
> out with you cuckoos!!
> Kevin "feeling warm & tingly" Hall (no it's not male menopause!)
> vice-president in charge of snacks for the Schechner Fan Club