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Hey Gary and Nate:
There was an interview with Dungeons and Dragons creator Gary Gygax on 
TV when I was in high school.  As was generally the case, he was being 
given the third degree regarding mandatory labeling of the game with 
stickers which read:  "Warning.  This game could be used as a weapon."  
Gary asked the interviewer if the chair he was sitting in could be 
used as a weapon.  The answer was, of course, yes.
Gary then stated that he would place a warning sticker on his game 
only if the label were required to be placed on any item on the market 
that could also be "used as a weapon."  He calmly explained that a 
deck of playing cards is not (and can not) be evil (as in the game "Go 
Fish") but it can be used in an evil way (as in the game "Strip 


>Hi Folks!  
>I agree with Nate!
>As a guy who sends his kids to a parochial school through the 8th 
grade and
>attends church regularly, some of my friends have been shocked, 
>say, to find out that I have played D&D, taught it to my kids, and 
think it
>is a great game for all the reasons Nate mentioned.  (They are also
>shocked, SHOCKED I say, that I read Conan books and have been known 
>frequent comic book shops. [Gasp!])  
>D&D is no more evil than Go Fish. [It's not AS evil as Monopoly, 
>teaches you to ruthlessly bankrupt your opponent.)  I have had 
>debates (all of which I won either outright or by default) with 
people on
>this issue.   I could make an evil game out of Shoots and Ladders if 
I put
>my mind to it.  It's never the game that is evil.  It's the people 
who play
>it that have the potential to get weird.  That's not the game's 
fault.  D&D
>can be a wonderful, funny, imagination expanding game, and just a 
whole lot
>of fun!
>btw, My favorite Mark-written cartoon is "Arnold of the Ducks"
>Take care all -Gary G.  
>PS  I think Tinky-Winky is a sanctamonious hypocrite with pedifilac
>tendencies who spends entirely too much time looking for sexual 
messages in
>Kiddie shows  and Jerry Falwell is a tool of the militant gay 
>Uh...Wait a minute.  I could have

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