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RE: Groop Love

Sssssooooooooo, what color is Frenzy? Rumble? Is Brawn still alive?
Just kidding. I found the transformers group, and read their FAQ a
while back... I was amazed at the extent of their knowledge about
EVERYTHING TF, and at the extent of their feuds over minute details
and descrepencies. It was strange.

I'll bet the biggest arguement the Groop could come up with is
probably: what format is the videotape tied to Groos swords? beta or

Brawn's Not Dead!  FIRRIB!  : )  We are an eclectic bunch.  But fierce in
our devotion.  Spammers tried to kick us off the newsgroup but we outlasted
their interest.  I believe someone said "The transfan community may be
small, but their definitely wierd."  Sorta like Groopers, huh?  BTW, its