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Re: Rufferto awards revisited

Chris wrote:  
> (Uh, dare I even say it...Groopies?) Sorry. Forget I said that. Please,
> please don't flame me! It was a joke. Anyway, my first point still

Oh, Chris, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!  Say Groopies.  I've asked people, I've
pleaded.  I think I've even bribed a few, but I seem to be in an ever
shrinking minority who prefers Groopies over Groopers.  The latter still
makes me think of a large mouth 500lb deep sea fish more than a Groo fan.  

> Chris (I'll be Billy Crystal)

OK, but I get to be a presenter with Vanessa Williams.  

-Gary "Groopie" Grossmann