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Re: the twelve monkeys didn't do it! it was the red-head with the poneytail

>wait a second i thought this would be a site or summin'. so, um, who gets
>this message?

me (and "the usual gang of idiots") [sorry guys, it's such a catchy phrase.
Blame Bill Gaines.]

is this like that message thing in 12monkeys that gets picked
>up thirty years in the future.

Only if you wrote it in 1969.

Does the air still stink in thirty years,


>  And do you know of any Groo-chat site, where you can talk to other

Yes, but there isn't anyone there.

>  And do you like Frank Zappa?

Yes, especially The Grand Wazoo

>					Bye bye,
>					Evil Doll
>					Yer man in Ireland, Europe

Yer man in Dallas, Texas who wishes he were in Buncrana, Co. Donegal eating
a 99.


Don't take life too serious; it ain't nohow permanent.
                        -Walt Kelly