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1999 Groop Awards (yes, they're going to happen!)

In a flurry, nay a furious flurry or possibly a spurious flurry, of 
activity, Nate, Lia, and I have initiated the Groop Awards. Nate thought 
it would be a good idea to keep you all informed. I wanted to keep it 
secret, including who the winners were, but Nate made me go sit in the 

Anyway, within the next week some time, we will post a site listing the
awards for this year. Everyone will have until March 1 to nominate the
nominees, and then the Groop can vote for the winners until March 15.
We'll then have 2 weeks to count votes, revamp the website, and, oh yeah,
take care of work, family, & reading Groo, before we post the winners on
April 1. 

There will be further updates as developments...um...well, develop. :)