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Re: 1999 Groop Awards (yes, they're going to happen!)

>In a flurry, nay a furious flurry or possibly a spurious flurry, of 
>activity, Nate, Lia, and I have initiated the Groop Awards.

~~~~~ You'll have to forgive young Master Kevin.  He hasn't had much 
experience with promotional PR.... what he MEANT to say was...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Groop Awards 99!!!!  WOOO HOOO!!!!!  The glitz, 
the glamor, flashing cameras red carpets, tight, revealing dresses! 
Acceptance speaches, seat fillers, long lines at the bathrooms even!!!!!  
Just think you too, could be stepping out of a limo with a vapid bimbo 
on each arm waving plastically to the crowd.

~Nate P.~ Yes, there are male bimbos, too. 

SMALL PRINT:  events mentioned above will only take place in your mind, 
as the 99 Groop Awards will be held on your computer.  Feel free to put 
a tight revealing dress on, if you feel cheated by this.

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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