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Re: Journal of Madness

Superzeus@aol.com wrote:
>      I picked up the Journal of Madness today with the interview of Sergio by
> Rueben.  You did a terrific job!  I especially like the back cover with the
> photos of all those hard-to-find Groo items.  This is probably the only time
> I'll see most of them.  Did you ever find anything out about Sterling Software
> or Corona Beer?

	Hey, thanks for the compliments and plug.  It was a fun interview to
do, but not fun to transcribe! :-}  Sergio's accent is fun and
interesting in real life, but trying to figure it out with a just a stop
and go tape player is a pain in the mulch.
	To tell you the truth, I haven't even begun researching those
references.  Someday soon, i hope....