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Groopies & Artwork

Alright!  Ruben and Lia are in my corner.  Hmmm. But I have heard Mark use
Groopers.  Does a Mark cancel out a Ruben and a Lia.  (I figure Nate and I
cancel each other out.)  

Re: The Art work.  It is a sweet piece that makes a Groo fanatic like my
self sweat, (or is that the other way around?) but I'll bet the reserve is
at least $200.  I e-mailed the guy out of curiosity and while he didn't
tell me how much the reserve (minimum) price is, he pointed out that a MAD
Marginal goes for $125. (ignoring the fact that part of the price of a MAD
Marginal is because it's a MAD Marginal!)   Now I would be willing to pay
Sergio $150-$175 for that drawing, which is in the range I believe he would
charge, and then I would be willing to pay Tom whatever the reasobale price
is for coloring a drawing like that, and I don't know how it worked/works
with Mark and Stan, but whatever they want would be fine with me and then
I'd spring for UV glass and a frame, so clearly I'm willing to pay more
than $200 for a drawing in which the entire Groo Crew has contributed and
signed.   BUT,  if Sergio was too busy to do a commissioned work, the
drawing would at least be one of my choosing from his portfolio and then I
would have the fun and memories of getting it all that done me. 

In fact, now I have another goal to add to my list of "Groo stuff I want to
acquire that costs real money"  Oh, well..........Take care all, Gary
"Sweet & Sweaty Master of the Run-On Sentence and Searcher For More ways to
Spend Money on Groo" Grossmann

> From: Ruben <ruben@infoserve.net>
> To: The Grossmanns <grossfam@olywa.net>
> Cc: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Re: Rufferto awards revisited
> Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 12:10 PM
> Groopies!!!
> Sorry Nate,
> Ruben.