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Spanish Groo reprints!

Hi folks,

There is a new spanish collection of Groo reprints in black & white,
starting from Epic/Marvel's issue #1. It will feature a new cover in
each comic-book, and some add-ons as cutouts, occasional new pages,
articles, exclusive interviews, and much more... And it's incredibly
cheap. ($1.50 aprox.)
I have some some scanned pages from issue #1, I'll send them to the list
if you wish (cover, first new page & the cutouts page).
If someone is interested in getting them, let me know it, and we will
talk about details (how to send it, and so forth).
Thank you Sergio and Mark for making this posible!
Greetings from Spain y un saludo a todos.


PS: Don't worry Gary, I already have one for you.