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Tricky Ruben & Groo-Names

Hi again Folks!

Hey, that Ruben is a sneaky guy, slipping in one of the Groo sketches
Sergio did for him into the Journal of MADness magazine!  In doing so, he
took a pefectly harmless sketch, one of ba-zillions Sergio has done for
folks over the years, and turned it into an Official Original Groo

Also, I thought Ruben's transcription of his interview with Sergio was
really, really great. Ruben, it was worth your efforts.  I have only spoken
with Sergio a couple of times, but I thought Ruben really gave the flavor
of what its like to talk to Sergio by not "editing" (or whatever you want
to call it) what he said.  Other interviewers whose articles I have read
have obviously done this, some even admit to it up front, and it's just not
the same.  Way to go Ruben!  Another triumph for the Dognut King!  (btw,
GAK! I wonder if there are any Groos in the Sterling Posters and the Corona

OK, let's see, we have:

Groopers   (The popular favorite, unless you've seen too many Jaques
Cousteau Specials)
Groopies  (A favorite of those not scarred in some way by zoned out teeny
bobbers or guppies) 
Groopsters  (This would be good if we formed a basketball team-now there's
a scary thought!)
Grooids  (It's hard to worship the rocks and trees when you keep tripping
over and bumping into them) 
Grooheads  (I don't want the FBI following me around looking for an easy

Hmmm.  How about Groopazoids?  I guess in the spirit of Chumbawamba, we'll
all just go our own anarchistic ways and refer to ourselves however the
hell we want to!   

By for now fellow Groopercalifraglisticexbealadociousers!  -Gary
"Tubthumper" Grossmann